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0914 Bag Begins

Start Date 19 June 2015
End Date 30 September 2015
Venue Simone Handbag Museum
Location Seoul, Korea

‘0914 BAG BEGINS’ aims to pursue universality and eternity under the theme of 0914’s intensive commitment to bags, the wonders of handicraft, and the time that the moment is preserved. The identity of 0914 is based on the impression of craftsmanship, the originality expressed through pure materials, and the natural style that is not standardized and the natural color of leather. This exhibition aims to ask questions about the essence of the bag, which is the crystal of craftsmanship, purity, and nature, and to express it as an aesthetic object of long experience and journey.

As such, the four elements defining 0914 together with the artistic value of the bag become the motif of the work of art, and Gyeong-taek Hong, Soon-gu Jeong, Mirae Jeon, Jin-yong Lee, and Marikim expressed the beauty of 0914 in various perspectives.

Artist Hong Gyeong-taek, well known in the contemporary art world, created a different dimension of the bag in this exhibition, deliberately excluding the original meaning and function of the bag. Something that created a new meaning of a bag, such as a hand protruding from the bag or a dog and a bag being combined. This shows that all beings have infinite interpretation and meaning beyond their original function and meaning, and shows an open worldview.

Artist Soon-koo Jeong, who pays attention to the prototype of the bag, creates a large installation in the form of an eco-bag by collecting materials discarded in the workshop where 0914 was born. The artist, who has expressed his usual considerations on environmental and ecological issues through various works, looks at the bag from an evolutionary perspective and expresses the original function and meaning of the bag as a single object.

The work of Lee Jin-yong is connected with the concept of discovering Simone’s new brand ‘0914’. Inspired by the bags of artisans in the 16th and 20th centuries in the Simone Handbag Museum, 0914 was created as an object that shows the process of brand formation, such as the long time until 0914 was born and the technology accumulation of outstanding artisans like an excavated fossil. It focuses on the creation process of the brand and its sublime values.

The work of the artist Jeon Mirae, who depicts everyday bags as extraordinary creative myths with artistic imagination, connects the aesthetic value of bags, which symbolizes women’s lifestyles, with the story of happiness and happiness. Like Bok-hee and Yeo-wa, who connected the sky and the earth and opened the world to creation and gaebyeok, the ordinary bags reveal the appearance of a craftsman overlapping with the creation god.

Artist Marikim focuses on the back side of the bag beyond the functional aspect of the bag containing objects. The artist discovers the value of a bag that can hold people’s thoughts and hearts, and expresses it as an image combined with text. This focuses on the back side of the bag, such as language that represents the mind, instead of the visually revealed appearance of the bag.