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Traditional Jewellery and Dress From The Balkans

Start Date January 2011
End Date 11 September 2011
Venue British Museum
Location London, UK

The Queen and The Painter, His Wife and Her Wedding Dress

Start Date 09 April 2011
End Date 03 October 2011
Venue Aberdeen Art Gallery
Location Aberdeen, UK

CC41 Utility Fashion

Start Date 13 August 2011
End Date 15 October 2011
Venue Aberdeen Art Gallery
Location Aberdeen, UK

Aberdeen’s Designer Wardrobe

Start Date 26 February 2011
End Date 07 May 2011
Venue Provost Skene's House Aberdeen
Location Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
Curator Katie Gillespie

Support and Seduction: Three Hundred Years of Underwear

Start Date 28 May 2011
End Date 13 May 2012
Venue Snibston Discovery Museum
Location Coalville, UK

Revealed: The Underwear Revolution

Start Date 03 December 2011
End Date 18 February 2012
Venue Banbury Museum
Location Banbury, UK

Lost in Lace: Concealed and Revealed

Start Date 29 October 2011
End Date 19 February 2012
Venue Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Location Birmingham, UK
Curator Lesley Millar

Jingle Bell Rock

Start Date 01 February 2011
End Date 07 January 2012
Venue Provost Skene’s House
Location Aberdeen, Scotland

Hats: A Celebration of The Hat

Start Date 01 September 2011
End Date January 2012
Venue York City Art Gallery
Location York, UK

Dress for Excess: Fashion in Regency England

Start Date 05 February 2011
End Date 05 February 2012
Venue The Royal Pavilion
Location Brighton, UK

Dianora Marandino: Fantasies in Colour

Start Date 26 March 2011
End Date 15 May 2011
Venue Galleria del Costume di Palazzo Pitti
Location Florence, Italy
Designer Palter Medardi Architecture

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk (touring)

Start Date 17 June 2011
End Date 2 October 2011
Venue The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Location Montreal, Canada