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Minor. Silver + Gold

Start Date 01 September 2011
End Date 08 January 2012
Venue The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe
Location Hamburg, Germany

With the large solo exhibition, the MKG is honoring two of the most important gold and silversmiths in Germany: Gerda and Wilfried Moll. In their workshop network, which has been very successful for over 40 years, two very independent oeuvre have grown up over the years, which in turn are aesthetically combined through the respective pursuit of a clear and reduced formal language. While the goldsmith Gerda Moll focuses on jewelry, Wilfried Moll, as a silversmith, devotes himself to table utensils, with a spectrum that extends to liturgical implements. Craftsmanship precision and virtuosity as well as the pursuit of convincing, objective form give the work of both artists a timeless beauty. The collaboration between Wilfried Moll and the luxury goods manufacturer Robbe & Berking, For which he also designed several cutlery series, shows an unusually fruitful symbiosis of handicrafts and design. Here, a well-engineered canon of traditional functional and formal language and machine-made series products meet in a highly convincing manner.