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Tailored: A very British Fashion

Start Date 07 July 2015
End Date 03 January 2016
Venue Leeds City Museum
Location Leeds, UK

Seven Brides

Start Date 23 May 2015
End Date 26 September 2015
Venue Beecroft Art Gallery
Location Southend-on-sea, UK

Whitework Embroideries

Start Date 01 May 2015
End Date December 2015
Venue Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court Palace
Location Molesey, UK

Vivienne Westwood: Cut From The Past

Start Date 01 April 2015
End Date 31 October 2015
Venue Danson House
Location Bexleyheath, UK

Shifting Patterns: Pacific Barkcloth Clothing

Start Date 05 February 2015
End Date 06 December 2015
Venue British Museum
Location London, UK

Dior: La Revolution Du New Look (Dior: The New Look Revolution)

Start Date 2015
End Date 2015
Venue Musée Christian Dior
Location Granville, France