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Inspired Eye: The Donald and Joan Damask Design Collection at the FIDM Museum

Start Date 12 June 2015
End Date 19 December 2015
Venue FIDM
Location Los Angeles, USA
Curator Kevin Jones and Christina Johnson

Donald and Joan Damask have devoted their lives to creating and collecting outstanding design. Their professions have focused on luxury marketing and fashion design; a shared collecting vision serves as inspiration for this work and resonates with the couple’s personal aesthetic. This exhibition presented an overview of the Damask’s important gift to the FIDM Museum including: historic avant-garde fashion and world dress; limited edition art books; seminal images by high-fashion photographers Willy Maywald (1907–85) and Horst P. Horst (1906–99); photographs, sketches, and books by artist-aesthete Cecil Beaton (1904–80); and theatrical designs by Erté (Romain de Tirtoff, 1892–1990).