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Pieke Stuvel

Start Date 29 September 1979
End Date 4 November 1979
Venue Centraal Museum
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands

Amerika Mode 1920–1940

Start Date 23 August 1979
End Date 28 October 1979
Venue MET at the Kunsthaus
Location Zurich, Switzerland

20th Century Fashion

Start Date June 1979
End Date October 1979
Venue Platt Hall
Location Manchester, England
Black and white image of early 20th century feminine fashions

Modes Enfantines
1750–1959 (Children’s Fashions 1750–1959)

Start Date June 1979
End Date November 1979
Venue Musée Galliera
Location Paris, France


Start Date 1979
Venue ROM
Location Toronto, Canada