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Digital Disturbances

Start Date 11 September 2015
End Date 12 December 2015
Venue Fashion Space Gallery
Location London, UK
Curator  Leanne Wierzba
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

Digital Disturbances examined the influence of digital concepts and tools on fashion. It provided a lens onto the often strange effects that emerge from interactions across material and virtual platforms – information both lost and gained in the process of translation. It presented the work of seven designers and creative teams whose work documents these interactions and effects, both in the design and representation of fashion. They can be traced across the surfaces of garments, through the realisation of new silhouettes, in the remixing of images and bodies in photography and film, and into the nuances of identity projected into social and commercial spaces. 

Designers included: ANREALAGE, Bart Hess, POSTmatter, Simone C. Niquille and Alexander Porter, Flora Miranda, Texturall and Tigran Avetisyan. 

Image © Hanna Puskarz.