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Age of Glamour: Fashion from the Fifties

Start Date 08 May 2015
End Date 31 December 2015
Venue Lotherton Hall
Location Leeds, UK

The launch of Dior’s ‘New Look’, in 1947, saw a style emerge that completely captured the imagination of the nation. As the restrictions of the Second World War came to an end the population felt ready for something new and glamorous. This desire and Dior’s designs helped the 1950s to truly become an age of glamour

With elegant couture displayed alongside many other beautiful dresses of the period, the ‘Age of Glamour’ explores the impact of Parisian design on British fashion – from the fancy department stores selling exclusive ready to wear to high street stores like Marks and Spencer.

Further displays around the House give an insight in to the Gascoigne family of Lotherton Hall during the 1950s. Discover more about the sometimes not so glamorous changes that occurred in domestic life.