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Homage to Elio Berhanyer

Start Date 15 September 2015
End Date 27 September 2015
Venue Museo Del Traje
Location Madrid, Spain
Curator Pedro Mansilla

Elio Berhanyer (Córdoba, 1929) is undoubtedly one of the greats of Spanish fashion and one of the last representatives of a time when Spain had its own haute couture industry. Since he opened his own firm in 1959, the Cordovan has introduced a new sense of elegance in Spain, with a radically modern vision of clothing in which he opted for youth as an aesthetic benchmark. Architectural structures, bright and contrasting colors or large plastic decorative elements are some of the most recognizable characteristics of an unmistakable author, who also developed a very solid brand image that has served as inspiration for new generations. 

Once again, the Costume Museum welcomes a tribute to this irreplaceable figure in our contemporary fashion. Eighteen pieces from the Museum’s collection will show the designer’s mastery, both in its facet of haute couture and in the garments designed for serial marketing, already within the ready-to-wear market that would have prevailed in Spain since the end of the year. from the 60s.