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Esprit Dior

Start Date 20 June 2015
End Date 25 August 2015
Venue Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
Location Seoul, Korea
Curator Florence Muller

The special exhibition ‘Esprit Dior’, the Dior spirit, is first and foremost the spirit of a visionary designer who wanted to offer women beauty and elegance, as well as happiness. The Esprit Dior exhibition is a journey into the extraordinary universe of Christian Dior: his imagination, deeply influenced by art, his friendships with the most famous artists of his time, his unique talent for offering sublime and inimitable silhouettes with each new collection, his love of 18th century splendor, and his sense of the marvelous. From the creations of yesterday to the resolutely modern work of Christian Dior’s latest successor, Raf Simons, Esprit Dior highlights the exceptional virtuosity of the House of Dior, synonymous with French elegance and Parisian chic.