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Paquin Winter 1911: The Centenary of an Evening Gown

Start Date 03 December 2011
End Date 03 December 2011
Venue The Bowes Museum
Location County Durham, UK

An exhibition celebrating the centenary of a rare and beautiful evening gown by The House of Paquin.

This exhibition tells the story of a unique evening gown created by fashionable Parisian couturier Madame Jeanne Paquin in the winter of 1911 and of the young woman believed to have worn her extraordinary creation.

The exhibition not only gives visitors the chance to see up close the opulence of this stunning, custom-made gown by the woman credited as the first female couturier, but through the story behind the dress, offers a window into the world of Pre-War high-society in the year of King George V’s coronation.