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100 Percent Wool

Start Date 05 November 2017
End Date 30 June 2019
Venue Museum of European Cultures
Location Berlin, Germany

The exhibition opens up the subject of WOOL to visitors of all ages. You have the opportunity to approach the wool playfully, sensually, intellectually or nostalgically and deal with it. In each room, the focus is on places of encounter, shared active experience and the exchange between the generations. At the same time, visitors can delve into a wide variety of topics. This includes the shepherd’s life and the handling of animals, the extraction of wool, the processing of raw wool into thread and the production of stitches through to the product. You can try everything yourself – with or without instructions.

In addition to a sheep sculpture that can be climbed, highlights are the equipment of a shepherd, a clothes rail that tells stories and a flying carpet.

With this exhibition, the MEK wants to develop a platform that offers visitors the opportunity to get to know and try out cultural techniques together.