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15 Years Without Gianni

Start Date 13 July 2012
End Date 28 October 2012
Venue Museo Del Traje
Location Madrid, Spain
Curator Juan Gutiérrez

Gianni Versace’s career spanned between the late 1970s and the tragic incident that ended his life in 1997. In those years, the dressmaker gave birth to a whole aesthetic universe in which he gathered the most diverse influences, taken from all the history of art, but especially of Greco-Roman antiquity. 

With his work, based on constant experimentation on form and material, Versace outlined a new type of woman and forever changed the fashion scene, thanks above all to his media projection. 

Along with the twenty or so costumes on display, a dozen pieces from the old National Sculpture Museum seek to illustrate this surprising affinity between classical art and Versace’s designs.