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20th Century Chic: 100 Years of Women’s Fashion

Start Date 16 February 2013
End Date 13 July 2014
Venue Sudley House, Liverpool Museums
Location Liverpool, UK

From the corsets and petticoats of the Belle Epoque to the designer labelled spandex of the 90’s, 20th Century Chic charts 100 years of women’s fashion.

The display of 12 evening outfits reflects the monumental changes in the role of women during the twentieth century. The changing styles, materials and colours of the garments echo wider social changes and represent key periods in women’s history.

The impact of two world wars, women entering the workplace, feminism and new manufacturing methods are echoed in the changing hemlines, materials and styles of the garments on display.

The journey ends in the year 2000 with women using fashion to express their personality in a way unthinkable at the start of the century.