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Aanwinstenopstelling Martin Margiela (Acquisition statement Martin Margiela)

Start Date 07 October 1991
End Date 13 August 1992
Venue Centraal Museum
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands

Last of a series of presentations from 1978-1991. The Fashion department of the Centraal Museum has shown its acquisitions eighteen times. The reason was the acquisition of a “square” dress by Mariëlle Bolier in 1978. As individual objects, placed in the time in which they were created, they gave a good picture of the state of affairs in haute couture. Together, the acquisitions gave a picture of the changes in fashion in less than fifteen years.

Martin Margiela (1957) is a Belgian fashion designer. After graduating in 1980, he worked as a freelance designer for five years, then two years for Jean-Paul Gaultier. He then founded Maison Martin Margiela, with two branches in Paris. In 2009 he withdrew from the company.

A coat and a set consisting of a pinafore, vest, blouse and turtleneck had been purchased from him with a subsidy from the then Ministry of Welfare, Health and Culture. The Hague boutique Swagger donated a pendant in the shape of a sundial; who designed it is unknown to this day.