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Absent Bodies

Start Date 28 August 2020
End Date 22 November 2020
Venue Design Museum
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Curator Ane Lynge-Jorlén and Pernille Stockmarr
Exhibition display of twisted textiles taking on appearance of a body

In co-operation with Designers’ Nest, Designmuseum Danmark presents the exhibition Absent Bodies. What the five young designers who are showing their unique works in the exhibition have in common is that in various ways they work with the sculptural body as a basis for their design practice.

As the exhibition’s title, Absent Bodies, suggests, the body is absent in all of the works, which illustrates how contemporary designers use their work to explore and challenge the special conventions and ideals that exist in the close relationship between body and fashion. The five young Nordic designers were chosen precisely because of their unique talent and special ability to rethink the principles of fashion design and their approach to aspects of the contemporary societal agenda such as sustainability, power relationships, mental health, and identity in a global perspective. The designers were specially chosen and received the Designers’ Nest Exhibition Prize 2020’.






The exhibition Absent Bodies is curated by Ane Lynge-Jorlén, director of Designers’ Nest and Pernille Stockmarr, curator and museum inspector at Designmuseum Danmark.

Imagery courtesy of Designmuseum Danmark