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Start Date 09 May 2019
End Date 28 July 2019
Venue Costume History Museum
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Curator Mariela Raffaelli

“Animalia” is an exhibition that explores the links between the Animal Kingdom and clothing, as did Vegetabilia , an exhibition that related fashion to the plant universe, in November 2017. 

In Animalia each exhibition space offers a different perspective and allows us to glimpse even future relationships. The exhibition is structured in concepts of various kinds: from the naive gaze on the morphologies of garments that take their names from animals (pants with elephant legs, bat sleeves, etc.), to others of a symbolic type. Among these, the appearance of mythological animals in diverse and distant cultures such as the double-headed eagle, or the use of animal print skins and prints in the most ancient sense of the human-animal bond, as a way of transferring ferocity and strength of the hunted animal. 

Alsoit will have its contemporary counterpartcurated by Mariela Raffaelli de Holavegan, where the developments linked to the replacement of animal materialsor cruelty-free extraction are exposed. 

Along the route, more than 90 objects that are part of the MHT collections are exhibited. Also, clothing and accessories from contemporary designers: Celedonio, Chicco Ruiz, Cubreme, Flâneur, Gorrión, Kostüme, Las Pepas, Lulu Martins, Marcelo Giacobbe, Matías Hidalgo, Maydi, Miist, Mixtos, Mila Kartei, Pesqueira, Santiago Artemis and Silvio Tinello.

The clothes we wear as always have more than one story to tell and we invite you to discover it.