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Axelle Red – Fashion Victim

Start Date 26 January 2013
End Date 02 June 2013
Venue Modemuseum
Location Hasselt, Belgium
Curator Axelle Red and Didier Vervaeren
Designer Paul Ritter
Idea and Concept: Kenneth Ramaekers
After Hannelore Knuts (UltraMegaLore), I invited another international star from Limburg to fill the Modemuseum Hasselt with her world: none other than fashion icon Axelle Red curated an exhibition around her love of fashion, music and creativity.

Since the beginning of her career, Axelle Red has been known as a woman of the world with a unique sense of style. An artist with a strong personality and a pronounced naturalness. Besides music, she has always had a great love for fashion. So I asked Axelle to put together an exhibition around the creatives she has worked with, admired or who have found inspiration in her work.

Axelle Red is one of the most important artists of our country. Her breakthrough in 1991 with the single ‘Kennedy Boulevard’ was the start of a success story. In the meantime, Axelle has sold more than four million records worldwide and she has scored fifteen top 10 hits.

One of Axelle’s strengths is that she is open to new influences and is not afraid to reinvent herself.

But Axelle is more than music. Socially committed, a Unicef ​​ambassador, a mother … In all her forms, she remains an honest and graceful style icon.

AXELLE RED – Fashion Icon became a fashion proof overview of a career that already lasted for more than 20 years. The exhibition highlighted designer pieces worn by Axelle (both on and off-stage) and a whole series of collaborations with various designers, photographers and video artists.

On the playlist ao:

Veronique Leroy , Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang, Christian Wijnants, Elvis Pompilio, AF Vandevorst, Walter Lecompte, Carine Lauwers, Michel Perry, Patrick Cox, Serge Leblon , Boy Erik Stappaerts , Bettina Rheims, Jan Welters, Alex Salinas , Vincent Soyez, Glen Luchford, Melody McDaniel, Paul Ritter and many others.

Idea and concept: Kenneth Ramaekers

Curator: Axelle Red

Co-curator: Didier Vervaeren

Consultancy: Jean-François Pinto, Elvis Pompilio and Nathalie Noennec

Layout and Design: Paul Ritter

Catalog: Lannoo

With thanks to: City of Hasselt, Municipal Executive, vzw De Vrienden van het Modemuseum, Employees of the Modemuseum Hasselt, Employees of the Central Workplaces of the City of Hasselt, Volunteers of the vzw De Friends of the Fashion Museum

Image courtesy of Modemuseum, Hasselt, Belgium.