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Bags: Inside Out

Start Date 23 December 2022
End Date 14 May 2023
Venue ModeMuseum
Location Hasselt, Belgium
Curator Lucia Savi
A display of seven handbags, including one with fake french fries, sit against a black backdrop.

From 23 December you can indulge your love of (hand)bags to the full in Hasselt Fashion Museum’s latest exhibition BAGS: INSIDE OUT. No less than 270 top examples illustrate this age-old and worldwide fascination: from the iconic Brillant by Delvaux and the Kelly by Hermès, to tiny vanity cases, military rucksacks and luxurious travel trunks. This exhibition not only focuses on the process of making a handbag, but also on the various factors that determine its success. After all, a (hand)bag is not just a functional item, it is also a reflection of status and identity. It is a statement of who you are and the image you wish to present.