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Beautiful Mind: A piece of jewelry for Cranach

Start Date 20 May 2016
End Date 28 August 2016
Venue Museum of Applied Arts
Location Berlin, Germany

From May 20, 2016, the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts will be presenting positions in contemporary jewelry art in dealing with jewelry from the Cranach era with the exhibition Beautiful Mind: A piece of jewelry for Cranach.

On the occasion of the 500th birthday of Lucas Cranach the Younger, the Art Foundation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt launched a national competition in May 2014. Contemporary artistic interpretations of jewelry worn by Cranach the Younger, his wives, sons and daughters and the contemporaries he portrayed were in demand. 146 artists from all German federal states took part in the competition. The 51 works selected for an exhibition offer a wide range of contemporary artistic works from all over Germany.

The jury was able to select three award-winning works from the large number of award-worthy submissions, each of which clearly shows a specific content and formal reference to Cranach the Younger: The first prize went to Bettina Dittlmann, Breitenbach, Bavaria; the second prize to Beate Eismann, Halle, Saxony-Anhalt and the third prize to Svenja John, Berlin.

Her creations were shown together with 48 other works as part of the exhibition Beautiful Mind: A piece of jewelry for Cranach last year as part of a presentation designed as a traveling exhibition, first in the Lutherhaus in Wittenberg and then in the jewelry museum in Pforzheim.