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Being the Future: 1889-1918 / 1989-2018

Start Date 12 May 2016
Venue Museo de la Moda
Location Santiago, Chile

Being the Future: 1889-1918 / 1989-2018, is the name of the new exhibition opened at the Fashion Museum. 

The exhibition confronted two periods: the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX (1889-1918) with the end of the XX century until the present time (1989-2018). Both are periods of turn of the century, in which the man stands facing the future with an avant-garde look for his time and lives with an advanced vision, which is reflected in his style, his way of dressing and fashion.

The exhibition featured almost one hundred iconic heritage pieces – such as costumes, accessories, decorative works of art, photographs and videos – from the museum’s collection. Most are exhibited for the first time. 

Jorge Yarur explained that “this exhibition showed how the technological advances of an era are being translated into social issues and consequently in clothing. Significant situations from different periods could be observed, revealing stories, situations and facts that describe what was happening around the socio-political and cultural theme of the end and beginning of each century ”. 

Showcases with different concepts that unite fashion and technology were assembled in the Fashion Museum, for example, a gramophone, a video camera, a telephone and a camera from the end of the 19th century were installed, which are now translated into a smartphone. Another concept present in the sample, was that of the speed that is portrayed with garments that give their sensation, for example, tennis and soccer clothes. These sportswear serve as an example to graph a transition towards the search for a more appropriate and more fashion-related wardrobe. She highlighted a black tennis dress that María Sharápova wore when she won the US Open in 2006. This dress is inspired by the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast in Tiffany’s.