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Bethany Williams: Alternative Systems

Start Date 22 February 2022
End Date 04 September 2022
Venue Design Museum
Location London, U.K.
Curator Priya Khanchandani
A view looking down at a display of a white outfit, photographs and green text panel
Two sets of hospital scrubs, ine blue and one with a blue, white and yellow pattern, hung alongside a text panel titled 'Emergency Designer Network'
Two outfits displayed on black mannequins. One outfit is a loose open shirt with trousers, both in a striped red pattern. The other outfit, a jacket and trousers, has a cream back with blocks of orange, green, blue and back blocks on the sleeves.
A pair of black shell-toe trainers are hung by white rope alongside a woven blue, orange and yellow piece of fabric with some text printed on it. The fabric of the trainers are ditsressed; one is laced and the other is not

Celebrate the work of designer Bethany Williams with this exhibition embracing the discussion of social and environmental issues.

From garments made from recycled book waste to collaborations with community projects, this London-based designer is building a practice that seeks to avoid the usual contradictions of fashion. Her work tackles social and environmental issues, and this display also includes her collaboration as part of the Emergency Designer Network to create PPE during the pandemic.