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Bright Flowers: textiles and ceramics of Central Asia

Start Date 16 September 2004
End Date 20 February 2005
Venue Powerhouse Museum
Location Sydney, Australia
Curator Christina Sumner
Designer Diana Lorentz 
Graphic designer: Janine Roberts
Asian style garment displayed in front of carpet

A major exhibition of textiles, glazed ceramics, costume and jewellery from museum collections in the Central Asian states of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Bright flowers was the result of years of extensive development and negotiations with the state Governments and Museums and was the first time many of these collections have ever left the country. 

Reflecting inspiration from Islamic ornament and other traditional motifs, the patterns and designs featured on the ancient artifacts, some dating back to 10th century, are drawn from ancient beliefs, the ideology and arabesques of Islam and the bright flowers of the oases.  

Image courtesy of MAAS Powerhouse, Sydney. Photo: Sotha Bourn