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C4i: Simon Thorogood Spring/Summer 1999

Start Date 20 September 1998
End Date 01 December 1998
Venue Judith Clark Costume
Location London, England
Curator Judith Clark
Designer Simon Thorogood
In collaboration with photographer Tim Brett Day and sound artists Joseph Gerhardt and Ruth Jarman
Exhibition invite
Exhibition display of wooden angular mannequin
Exhibition display of male figure

Simon Thorogood’s second couture collection C4i was exhibited at the gallery, consisting of four gowns for Spring/Summer 1999. In collaboration with Thorogood, a set of wooden mannequins were constructed based on the collection’s asymmetrical toiles.

On the walls, coloured wooden shapes were built from pages Thorogood’s sketchbooks. A billboard image for the gallery window was photographed by Tim Brett Day. A futuristic soundscape was specially composed for Simon Thorogood’s exhibition by Joseph Gerhardt and Ruth Jarman.

Images courtesy of Judith Clark Studio.