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City and Fashion Invited by French Literature: From the Late 19th Century to the 20th Century (Phase II)

Start Date 19 November 2021
End Date 29 January 2022
Venue Kobe Fashion Museum
Location Kobe, Japan
exhibition display of mannequins in period costume

Exhibition information Dress Collection Exhibition “City and Fashion Invited by French Literature: From the Late 19th Century to the 20th Century” (Phase II)

Opening hours
10:00 – 18:00 (Admission until 17:30)

closing day
Mondays, New Year holidays (12/29-1/3), January 10 (open on January 9)

Admission fee
Welcome to the glamorous world of French literature
In novels depicting glorious times, beautiful clothes appear in gorgeous towns.
Literature and fashion reflect the society and the times.

2022 is also the 100th anniversary of Proust’s death.
In the era of In Search of Lost Time, women dressed up in beautiful dresses.
This exhibition introduces a number of precious dresses from that era.

The KCI Gallery , which is affiliated with the Kyoto Costume Institute, is holding a joint exhibition with the same title until Friday, December 23rd. We will be exhibiting dresses that are different from our museum, so please bring them here as well. Jump through time and space and land in Paris in the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Let’s enjoy time travel. At the same time, an exhibition of the collection of illustrator Georges Barbier will be held in the same exhibition room to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Shoin Women’s Academy . This is an exhibition of his fashion plate collection by Georges Barbier’s pochoir (prints) held by Kobe Shoin Women’s College . Please take a look.


Image courtesy of Kobe Fashion Museum