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Compositions Dévoilées: Vues Sur Les Collections (Unveiled Compositions: Views Of The Collections)

Start Date 21 October 2017
End Date 01 December 2020
Venue Musée des Tissus de Lyon
Location Lyon, France

After going through a period of great turbulence which could have put its future in danger, the museum, recognized as a world heritage gem, is celebrating its rebirth by offering a selection of textile creations brought together under the theme “Unveiled Compositions”. The opportunity to show the public the treasures it shelters, with a simple and aesthetic approach giving an overview of the richness and diversity of the works preserved for decades in the hotels of Villeroy and Lacroix-Laval.

The different rooms are organized around an emblematic centrepiece of a theme, itself chosen for its geographic and historical transversality. Going from pleats to lamé, from the motif of the dragon to that of the carnation, the visitor will be able to discover key objects, some exhibited here for the first time. This ten-step journey immerses us in the teeming universe of textiles and costume from Antiquity to the Second Empire, from the Renaissance to the contemporary period, in a bilingual presentation. The works speak for themselves and their proximity sketches links across centuries and continents. Formal or aesthetic correspondences and filiations are created, stories specific to each visitor, whether simple curious or informed amateur.

With this journey through time and space, the museum takes on beautiful colours!