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Couture Korea: From Far East to West Coast

Start Date 03 November 2017
End Date 04 February 2018
Venue Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation, in collaboration with Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA
Location Seoul, Korea
Curator Hyonjeong Kim Han

The rice bowl and spoon you encounter in everyday life,

Even in the different seasons of dressing,

In the spaces that contain everyday life,

Korean culture is contained in every moment.

​Arumjigi has been holding special exhibitions based on food, clothing, shelter, and clothing since 2004 to creatively inherit our traditional culture and naturally permeate the lives of modern people. We hope you enjoy the joy of discovering the essence and beauty of our culture in various exhibition spaces at home and abroad, and the values ​​we want to share in our modern life. Arumjigi’s special exhibitions are with traditional craftsmen, contemporary writers, designers, and companies that care for our culture, and contents of Arumjigi’s planned exhibitions and overseas exhibitions are available through the Google Art & Culture online platform. It is being introduced all over the world.