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Dandyn (Dandy)

Start Date 22 October 2010
End Date 1 May 2011
Venue Nordiska Museet
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Exhibition display of dress

The dandy is an unsolved mystery, a mystery. In the exhibition, the visitor can take part in the Nordic Museum’s search for him.

Many have tried to answer who he is, what he looks like and where he comes from. For some, the dandy is a specific person, for others a style or an attitude. In the exhibition, we get to follow the dandy in a labyrinth through time and space. We see him in the seams and examine details in his suit. In the search for the essence of dandyism, every expression is an important clue.

A dandy is a person who wants to express himself with integrity through his clothes, regardless of whether the style is low-key, colorful, conservative or innovative. The exhibition sees him in the seams. No detail is unimportant.

The exhibition gives suggestions on how the dandy can look today. The tailor Frederik Andersen, the fashion researcher Rickard Lindqvist, the journalist Olof Enckell, the stylist Lalle Johnsson, the author Björn af Kleen, the designer Göran Sundberg and the shop owner Christian Quaglia have been able to style proposals from modern dandys.