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De Nieuw Utrecht kamers: Winde Rienstra – Winde Rienstra, de grenzen van de mode voorbij (The New Utrecht Rooms: Winde Rienstra – Winde Rienstra, Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion)

Start Date 19 January 2013
End Date 12 May 2013
Venue Centraal Museum
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands

Two project spaces on the first floor of the museum (Expo 4) are intended for exhibitions of Utrecht artists, designers and designers: the New Utrecht Rooms.

After Ienke Kastelein, it is now the turn of Utrecht fashion designer Winde Rienstra (Echten, 1981). Rienstra studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) and made a splash in a relatively short time with her idiosyncratic designs. Her work takes place at the intersection of fashion, art and architecture. What is important about Rienstra is her feeling for the materials. Her specific love goes out to wood and the interplay of lines of wood grains: for her these are a mirror of both the capriciousness and the beauty of existence. Rienstra’s fascination with spatial structures around the human body leads to a recurring play with three-dimensionality. The spatial design that is created in this way gives the fashion designer time and again opportunities in which she can make her materials shine like new jewelry around the human body. Her sense of craftsmanship, craftsmanship and detail is a trinity and the driving force behind her fashion design. She also applies contemporary technology such as laser cutting in her work.

Rienstra’s preference for craftsmanship and experimentation serves as the starting point for this exhibition. A number of iconic designs have been chosen to illustrate this from her collections The Mirror of Reason (July 2009), 11:11 (July 2011), Reflections in Facets (January 2012) and Ithaka (July 2012).