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Details from a Private Collection: Baroness Fiona Thyssen–Bornemizza’s 1950s Couture

Start Date 19 May 1998
End Date 28 June 1998
Venue Judith Clark Costume
Location London, England
Three dresses hung in a line.

The gallery showed three iconic examples of late 1950s and early 1960s couture, which highlighted aspects of structure, fabric and decoration. The dresses were generously lent by Baroness Fiona Thyssen-Bornemisza (she was also known as Fiona Campbell-Walter, Vogue’s Face of 1954). The dresses by Balenciaga, Givenchy and Madame Grès, were shown on transparent mannequins designed by Clark and hung low to illustrate the importance of the inside of couture (revealing for example the rigid corseted interior to Grès’ flowing gown).