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English Tea Story: Afternoon Tea’s ‘Yosohohi’ (アフタヌーンティーのよそほひ-英國紅茶物語)

Start Date 23 November 2019
End Date 19 January 2020
Venue Kobe Fashion Museum
Location Kobe, Japan
Exhibition display of dressed mannequin beside a tea service on a table

“Afternoon tea” is the most famous tea culture created by Britain.

In this exhibition, we will introduce the “world of black tea” that has been enjoyed in various scenes such as the history of black tea, the beginning of afternoon tea, and the tea culture that spreads to the masses, along with the elegant dresses of that era. This is an exhibition about tea and fashion, consisting of about 300 items such as tea utensils such as tea sets and silverware, prints and books related to tea, and gorgeous dresses.

Image courtesy of the Kobe Fashion Museum, Japan.