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Fashion Drive: extreme clothing in the visual arts

Start Date 20 April 2018
End Date 15 July 2018
Venue Kunsthaus Zürich
Location Zürich
Curator Catherine Hug and Christoph Becker
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins amongst art installations

Fashion Drive: extreme clothing in the visual arts20 April – 15 July 2018@kunsthaus_zuerich. Co-curated by Catherine Hug and Christoph Becker, this exhibition explored the lengths people and artists have gone to represent themselves and their sitters in art and design across five centuriesThemes explored included fashion as language, the power represented through clothes, and the impact of clothing in social histories. The curators used clothing on mannequins and hangers, paintings, sculpture and social media to reflect contemporary concerns in fashion’s history.


Image Credit © Kunsthaus Zürich, Franca Candrian