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Fashion Spain

Start Date 13 May 2014
End Date 07 September 2014
Venue Museo Del Traje
Location Madrid, Spain
Curator Juan Gutiérrez and online museum community

Spanish fashion has tried for more than half a century to make a place for itself between the great industries of the international scene, capitalized by France, Italy and the United States. The golden period of national sewing corresponds to the period of the dictatorship, organized around the Spanish Haute Couture Cooperative that worked with optimal results between 1940 and 1974. Names such as Pedro Rodríguez, Herrera y Ollero or Vargas-Ochagavía They tried to catch up with the master Balenciaga, who at all times stands as the dominant reference. Come the years of the Transition, a new industry is developing according to the new times. Ready-to-wear and designers replace haute couture and classic dressmakers, and thus begins a new period characterized by freshness and the search for new ways of expression. The first catwalks suppose an explosion of creativity that ends up forging in current fashion, whose sights are set on the international market. This story is summarized in the Spain Fashion exhibition, where, thanks to the collection of the Costume Museum, it is intended to show the enormous potential of our most outstanding creators.