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Fashioning Art from Paper

Start Date 22 October 2019
End Date 12 January 2020
Venue SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film
Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Curator Alexandra Sachs
Exhibition with a decorative wall and a plinth holding four mannequins displaying paper garments
Exhibition with a stripy blue plinth holding mannequins displaying paper garments.
Exhibition with a stripy blue plinth holding a mannequins displaying a yellow dress and smaller plinth holding a red bag and a shoe.

SCAD FASH presents Fashioning Art from Paper, an exhibition that explores 500 years of fashion through the breathtaking trompe l’oeil masterpieces of Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave. Through her expert manipulation of paper and paint, de Borchgrave creates sculptural replicas of historic garments found in early European paintings or collections from around the world — from the Renaissance finery of the Medici family and gowns worn by Queen Elizabeth I, to the creations of the grand couturiers of the 20th century such as Charles Frederick Worth and Paul Poiret. The exhibition includes de Borchgrave’s series Les Ballet Russes, which interprets costumes designed by Léon Bakst, Giorgio de Chirico and Pablo Picasso, among others, as well as her Kaftans series, inspired by the Silk Road textiles of central Asia. The exhibition also highlights the creations of the eccentric early 20th-century artist Mariano Fortuny, a major source of inspiration for de Borchgrave.

Images courtesy of ArtsATL.