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Fashioning Expo 67

Start Date 17 March 2017
End Date 01 October 2017
Venue McCord Museum
Location Montreal, Canada
Curator Cynthia Cooper
Designer Christiane Michaud, working with La Bande à Paul
Display of accessories seen through two circular holes in wall
Exhibition display of 1960s dress on open display with text panels in front of display
Exhibition display of dress in glass vitrine
Exhibition display of dress with text panels and imagery. Open display
Exhibition display of 1960s short dresses with text panels in front of display

The exhibition Fashioning Expo 67 invites visitors to enter the world of Expo 67 and experience the effervescence of Montreal’s fashion moment. The exhibition will feature over 60 outfits —hostess uniforms from various pavilions, clothing by Quebec designers— and products from every sector of the Canadian fashion industry, including hats, gloves, umbrellas, purses, jewellery, and even fur.

The different sections of the exhibition will also display drawings, photographs, archival film footage, and documents. In addition, there will be videos of interviews that the Museum conducted with several designers from the era.

Press Release

Images © Marilyn Aitken, McCord Museum