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Fast Fashion. The Dark Sides of Fashion (touring)

Start Date 27 September 2019
End Date 31 January 2021
Venue Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Location Berlin, Germany
Curator Claudia Banz
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins and imagery
Exhibition display of garments on hangers
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

The special exhibition Fast Fashion: The Dark Sides of Fashion, conceived by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, takes a critical look at the consequences of fashion consumption for its producers and the environment. It encourages visitors to rethink their consumer behaviour and to get involved in dealing with its impact. The Museum Europäischer Kulturen (MEK), Staatliche Museen zu Berlin supplements the examination of fast fashion with insights into the Berlin slow fashion world. As the hub of the international fair fashion world, Berlin is a source of numerous innovative ideas about how fashion can be used sustainably while still being fun.

Image © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum Europäischer Kulturen / photography: David von Becker.