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Gioiello Italiano: Contemporary Jewellery from Italy between Art and Design (Touring)

Start Date 30 October 2008
End Date 11 January 2009
Venue Fondazione Accorsi Ometto
Location Turin, Italy
Curator Alba Cappellieri

Curated by Alba Cappellieri , professor of Jewellery Design at the Politecnico di Milano, the exhibition GIOIELLO ITALIANO CONTEMPORANEO: techniques and materials between art and design is among the events of Torino World Design Capital for its ability to describe the extraordinary Italian goldsmith heritage in terms of project.

In fact, the exhibition intends to present the variety of Italian jewelery for the first time considered both in its aspects of artistic artefact and industrial product. Not only a luxury object but also an ornament for the body where the value of materials and gems is combined with that of the project.
An exhibition that highlights the excellence of Italian jewellery, that is characterized by techniques and materials typical of made in Italy: from coral to filigree, from micro mosaic to lava stone, witnesses of a culture of goldsmith excellence that is not very popular in the contemporary world.
Over 150 designers and companies were invited, representing the excellence of the “Italian way” without preclusions of age, materials, geographies or research themes, for a total of 282 works presented in the exhibition.


Decorative Arts Museum (Kunstgewerbemuseum), Berlin, Germany, 10 July 2008 – 05 October 2008
Fondazione Accorsi Ometto, Turin, Italy, 30 October 2008 – 11 January 2009