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Start Date January 2013
End Date December 2013
Venue The Fashion Museum
Location Bath, England
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

This dazzling display at the Fashion Museum invited visitors to be inspired by the glitz and glamour of evening wear fashion over the last 100 years.

“Glamour never goes out of style” So goes a well-known phrase, and this gallery display of 25 evening dresses and ensembles from the 1910s to the 2010s certainly showed that this was the case throughout the history of 20th century dress.

Carefully chosen glamorous dresses from the Fashion Museum collection were organised on display by colour, in rainbow-hues, working from bright reds and hot pinks, umber oranges and nude shades through to lemony yellows. The display included mini-dresses, trouser ensembles and wedding dresses designed by some of the forgotten names of fashion, makers who are not necessarily acknowledged in mainstream dress history, but who nevertheless made a huge contribution to the looks and styles of their day, and who deserve to be remembered. So, Nettie Vogue in the 1960s and Roland Klein from the 1980s, for example, as well as the large department stores, like Debenham and Freebody, and Fortnum and Mason.

Image © Fashion Museum Bath.