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Guo Pei: Art of Couture

Start Date 12 November 2022
End Date 14 May 2023
Venue Bowers Museum
Location Santa Ana, California, USA

Enter a world of fantasy featuring over 40 works of couture art, personally selected for exhibition by none other than the world-renowned designer herself, Guo Pei. Once in a generation, a creative genius such as Guo Pei emerges, whose work transcends its form or function to be appreciated as an art form. Her exquisite creations go beyond the runway and red carpet, creating iconic global moments and fostering a wider awareness of China’s cultural heritage and influence. With every collection Guo Pei draws upon a rich source of mythology and history which, through Guo Pei’s lens and the skills of the many artisans with whom she works, result in profoundly moving pieces.

This exhibition marks an exhibition milestone for Guo Pei. Reviewing the canon of her creative genius, she has selected a carefully curated presentation of her finest and most personal pieces. In doing so, it represents a creative journey that charts her rise as China’s ‘Queen of Couture.’ Each gown not only underscores her unique ability to tap into China’s rich cultural heritage, but also an array of cultural influences from international arts, architecture and mythology. The interplay of female empowerment, strength and vulnerability are all reflected in exquisitely rendered couture. The exhibition is further enriched by the inclusion of a number of influential pieces from her highly successful and much lauded couture bridal wear, which makes its North American debut at the Bowers.

With each gown, visitors will gain a unique insight into the relationship between ideas, threads, and skills that in Guo Pei’s visionary hands render fabrics into both extraordinary couture and exceptional works of art. They also serve to chart Guo Pei’s progress and evolution as a world-renowned couturier whose work has rightly graced the red carpet and runways from Paris to Shanghai. Under Guo Pei’s considered curation, the thought processes, techniques, construction, and fabrics are all aspects and facets of her work that are thoughtfully and thoroughly explored. Compelling, enthralling and inspiring, it will offer visitors a distinctive understanding and appreciation of her work through an immersive and highly personal exhibition.

Guo Pei: Art of Couture is organized by the Bowers Museum with significant support from Dr. Frank Cintamani on behalf of Guo Pei and the Asian Couture Federation and curated by SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film and SCAD: The University for Creative Careers.

Generous funding for this exhibition has been provided by Mary and John Tu with additional support by China Southern Air Logistics.