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Hats and Pins

Start Date 03 September 2019
End Date 30 December 2019
Venue The Esse Purse Museum
Location Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Exhibition with exhibition poster hanging on the wall and a mannequins displaying lots of hats, that look like a dress.

These days, matching a hat to your shoes and purse or picking out the perfect hat pin may seem long gone. Instead of the pillbox, we have a baseball cap, sun protection is now as alluring as the cloche was in decades past. But there is something to be said for the perfect hat that transforms an outfit to an ensemble!

ESSE Purse Museum brings back the sophistication and style of this sometimes underestimated accessory. The glamorous hats and pins on display come from ESSE’s permanent collection.

Image courtesy of The Esse Purse Museum, Arizona, USA.