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H+F/Fashion on the Edge: Viktor and Rolf

Start Date 07 July 2006
End Date 18 September 2006
Venue Centraal Museum
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands

The ‘silver outfit’ by Viktor & Rolf was purchased by collector Han Nefkens and given to the Centraal Museum on long-term loan. The silver outfit was one of the highlights of Viktor & Rolf’s collection for winter 2006/2007. With this, Nefkens started a multi-year collaboration with the Centraal Museum. Han Nefkens set up a special patronage for this initiative: H+F/ Fashion on the Edge projects. Han Nefkens, interested in the interface between fashion and art, wants to give the fashion collection of the Centraal Museum Utrecht an extra boost in this way.

During their show in March 2006, Viktor & Rolf showed a collection in which they dipped ruffles, bows and corsages in silver bath, as is often done with baby shoes. The last pieces of the show, the so-called specials, were completely dipped in silver.

In 1998, the Centraal Museum was the first museum for visual arts to purchase designs by the fashion duo Viktor & Rolf. In this way, the creations of their first shows in Hyères and the more museum presentations after that were secured. Since then, the museum has continued to follow the duo by purchasing a representative piece from almost every collection. The museum now has more than 20 pieces by Viktor & Rolf in its collection, which show a nice cross-section of their work.

H+F/Fashion on the Edge projects A special committee has been set up for the H+F/Fashion on the Edge projects that annually determines which artists, designers and current themes will be discussed. Based on the set themes and subjects, targeted purchases are made or projects are initiated. The results of each project will be recorded annually in a publication and an accompanying exhibition in the Centraal Museum.

Han Nefkens (Rotterdam, 1954) started building a collection of Contemporary art in 2000. His own life and development are decisive factors in the choices he makes as a collector. Together with the Centraal Museum, he focuses on collecting interdisciplinary works. For him, purchases are not primarily financial investments, his acquisitions are housed immediately after purchase in various Dutch museums, which will continue to take care of them even after his death. Several pieces from his collection are already on permanent display in the Centraal Museum, including video installations by Bill Viola and Tony Oursler. With the purchase of the new piece by Viktor & Rolf, the Centraal Museum has more than 50 pieces by approximately 20 artists from the H + F Collection on long-term loan. With comparable patrons, Han Nefkens also supports art projects at the Boijmans Van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam and photography projects at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam.