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In her Shoes

Start Date 30 May 2009
End Date 08 November 2009
Venue Modemuseum
Location Hasselt, Belgium
Curator Kenneth Ramaekers
Designer Lien Wauters & Ann Van Der Auwera
Vitrine containing shoes

The exhibition ‘In Her Shoes’, which ran from 30 May to 8 November 2009 in the Fashion Museum in Hasselt, offered an overview of women’s shoes designed by well-known and less well-known designers and manufacturers from 1900 to the present .

The visitor got an idea of ​​the development, the trends and the fashion image of the women’s shoe from 1900 until then. In addition, there was also work by contemporary designers from Belgium and the Netherlands and by artists and photographers who were inspired by the ladies’ shoe.

From 1900 to the present day, many designers have left their mark on the appearance and diversity of the ladies’ shoe. Just think of big names such as André Perugia, Roger Vivier (the stiletto heel!), CF Bally, Salvatore Ferragamo or Charles Jourdan.

Later, there are the innovative designs by Herbert Levine, Maud Frizon, (Dutchman) Jan Jansen and Tokio Kumagaï, among others. And every fashionista knows of course more recent top designers like Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin.

In the Netherlands, you have the handsome designs of contemporary shoe designers like Renate Volleberg, René van den Berg, Rem D. Koolhaas, Marloes ten Bhömer, Helena Rietjens, Alexander Fielden, Gwendolyn Huskens and Jelske Peterson.

Belgian names that have gained international fame are Els Proost, Ellen Verbeek and Nathalie Verlinden.

Curator and idea: Kenneth Ramaekers

Scenography: Lien Wauters & Ann Van Der Auwera

Design: Brusatto

The exhibition ran in cooperation with the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum (Waalwijk – NL) and the National Footwear Museum from Izegem (B).

With thanks to: City of Hasselt, Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Vzw De Vrienden van het Modemuseum, Employees Modemuseum Hasselt, Employees central workshops of the City of Hasselt, Volunteers of the non-profit organization Friends of the Fashion Museum.

Image courtesy of Modemuseum, Hasselt, Belgium.