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Intimate, Mary Tapia. Stories About her Life, Work and Legacy / Íntima, Mary Tapia

Start Date 15 May 2018
End Date 09 September 2018
Venue Costume History Museum / El Museo de la Historia del Traje
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

The exhibition gives an account of the world view of this designer through quotes and interviews with people close to her in different areas of her life. 

The exhibition illustrates the worldview of the designer through her own voice, those close to her who accompanied her throughout her life and who studied her work. She places the beginnings of her career in contrast to the fashion scene of the late 60’s, and paints various profiles of her life … family Mary, activist Mary, actress Mary, designer Mary. Her atelier, her premises, her parades are reproduced in it. The exhibition culminates with the tribute of recycled tota (Valeria Hasse + Marcela Muñiz) to Mary Tapia called “From the patch to the jewel”, worked from the textiles that the designer bequeathed to them in life.

Image courtesy of the Costume History Museum / El Museo de la Historia del Traje