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Start Date 05 March 2014
End Date 19 May 2014
Venue Musée du Design
Location Bordeaux, France
Curator Caroline Fillon

Whether they belonged to anonymous people or to descendants of the Bourbons, these costume accessories, letters, ball books, toys, jewellery, and other small works offer us a foray into the intimacy of homes of the time: we can imagine an elegant woman, seated at her toilet, a little girl playing at the dinner table and a young man choosing the pin which he will prick in his silk tie. This daily life is marked by objects which are both the reflection of personal tastes and the means of expression of codes set by social groups in terms of fashion, customs and behaviour. It is on this border between what we are and what we should appear that the perimeter of the intimate was located at the time. At the meaning XVIII th century, the most intimate object now is certainly the mobile phone: it contains and protects a password all the privacy of its owner but it is also the best way to communicate some of this information voluntarily, through the applications or even accessories that allow it to be personalized.

On the occasion of this exhibition, one hundred and fifty objects usually kept in the reserves will be presented to the public. They will rub shoulders with works on loan from the Aquitaine museum and the Goupil museum.