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Isabel. Wardrobe of the Television series

Start Date 15 November 2013
End Date 08 December 2013
Venue Museo Del Traje
Location Madrid, Spain
Curator Esperanza García Claver

Television has the power to take the viewer to a certain place or time through environmental, scenographic and costume resources that facilitate the perception of that historical or fictitious reality. In addition, a well conceptualized and made wardrobe manages to dress the character from the inside, giving him an identity. This is especially important in series like Isabel, in which the main character is the axis around which the whole story revolves. 

This exhibition shows the work of Pepe Reyes, costume designer for the Isabel series, along with Natacha Fernández Gallardo and his team from the company Look Art who have managed to create a careful and meticulous wardrobe, based on the study of historical documentation , respecting the designs of the time or under the interpretation of the figurine maker. 

This wardrobe won the 2013 Iris Award from the Academy of Television Sciences and Arts (ATV) to the Directorate of Art and Set Design, along with the art director of the series, Marcelo Pacheco. 

The exhibition displays a selection of iconic clothing pieces for Isabel’s follower, alongside the series’ jewelry collection.