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Jazz Age: Fashion & Photographs

Start Date 09 December 2017
End Date 28 May 2018
Venue Textiel Museum
Location Tilburg, Netherlands
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

Women cut their hair, smoke cigarettes in pipes and wear long pearl strings. In the ‘roaring twenties’ a radical social change is emerging, which is reflected in a new zeitgeist, a sharp increase in prosperity and change. 

From Paris to London, New York and Hollywood, in the post-World War I period, modern women fall for a completely new style of clothing, which also symbolizes her conquered freedom. From sportswear, beautifully printed dresses, fringed ‘flapper’ dresses and beaded evening wear to velvet capes, kimonos and silk pajamas; with more than 150 varied pieces of clothing and accessories from a large private collection, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the glamor, excess and frivolity of this modern decade.

Image courtesy of  TextielMuseum. Photo Tommy de Lange i.o.v. TextielMuseum.