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Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson: Step into Paradise 

Start Date 17 October 2019
End Date 22 March 2020
Venue Powerhouse Museum
Location Sydney, Australia
Curator Glynis Jones
Designer Jemima Woo (PHM) with Creative Director Tony Assness (independent consultant)
exhibition display of floating mannequin

Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson: Step into Paradise is the first in-depth survey that captures the dynamic energy of Linda and Jenny’s creative partnership. It draws on more than four decades of one of the most influential pairings in the history of Australian fashion, examining the influences, inspirations and the compelling stories behind their work.

Take a video walkthrough of Step into Paradise. View Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson’s amazing garments, textiles and artworks featured in the exhibition Gallery Guide. Download the Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson learning resource.


Image courtesy of MAAS Powerhouse, Sydney. Photos: Luc Remond