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Jeogori, and Stories About Materials

Start Date 08 October 2016
End Date 04 November 2016
Venue Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation
Location Seoul, Korea
Curator Ko Jeong Ah, Kim Hae Jin
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins
Exhibition display of dressed mannequin

This exhibition focuses on an item of traditional women’s clothes, jeogori, as the title clearly indicates: Jeogori, and Stories About Materials. The exhibition is divided in two parts: Traditional Women’s Jeogori and Modern Women’s Jeogori Reinterpreted as Contemporary Clothing. This first part starts with reproduction of the most beautiful traditional women’s clothing, followed by hanbok reconstructed with new materials for women today. The second part shows works by contemporary fashion designers.

Each of them embodied Korean aesthetics by unique approaches after painstakingly researching traditional patterns. The exhibition seeks new possibilities for traditional Korean clothing by combining new materials with traditional design, and traditional materials with contemporary design. Also highlighted at this exhibition are materials used for hanbok that embrace both tradition and modernity. Both artisans of traditional clothing and contemporary designers focused on diverse materials: some materials showing beauty intrinsic in traditional fabrics and others serving as a bridge connecting traditional and modern clothing. Bringing together practicality and the aesthetic beauty inherent to hanbok should yield excellent possibilities for traditional clothes worn through the ages.

Exhibition advisors: Cho Hyo Sook, Kim So Hyun, Park Kyung Mee.

Exhibition Coordinators: Ko Jeong Ah, Kim Hae Jin.

Images © Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation. Photographer: Lee Jong Keun.