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Joan of Arc, 20 years old (Juana de Arco, 20 años)

Start Date 12 December 2018
End Date 17 April 2019
Venue Costume History Museum (Museo de la Historia del Traje)
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins

Come visit the new exhibition at the MHT where you will learn about the brand’s history, its beginnings, its textile developments and inspiration through garments and textile and graphic material from various collections throughout its career. 

Juana de Arco was born in 1998 in Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the first clothing design store in the neighborhood, it was created by Mariana Cortés, UBA designer. This exhibition is to celebrate the twenty years of Joan of Arc in the Museum because her creation was founding for the Palermo neighborhood as we know it today, epicenter of the fashion stores called “de autor”, perhaps the most recent and innovative chapter of the history of fashion in Argentina. Juana is, at the same time, the perfect look that contemporary design can make of the traditional handicrafts that we exhibited in the Exhibition “Threads that flow, water that connects”, which made it necessary to temporarily make them live together in the museum’s rooms.

Image courtesy of Costume History Museum, Buenos Aires.