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Kaffe 2014: The Colourful World of Kaffe Fassett

Start Date 22 March 2014
End Date 02 November 2014
Venue American Museum and Gardens
Location Bath UK
Curator Kate Hebert
Designer Johan Engels
Exhibition display of dressed mannequins and imagery

The Colourful World of Kaffe Fassett showcases how Kaffe lives by his maxim to find colour in a grey world.  Designed by celebrated theatrical designer Johan Engels, the exhibition promises to be as colourful as the dazzling pieces on display.  Over one hundred sumptuous works of textile art – a kaleidoscope of knitwear, needlepoint, beading, and quilts – will be on display in the dramatic exhibition alongside vibrant mosaics and still life paintings by the Fassett.  Nearly all the objects on view are from Kaffe’s personal collection – the much-loved pieces that surround him as he creates.  The cornucopia of works on view thus offers a glimpse of the private man behind the public façade.

The exhibition features works spanning Kaffe’s creative life, including drawings he made as a boy in California.  These monochrome pictures are a far cry from the explosions of colour that made Kaffe a household name from the 1970s as one of the great practitioners of contemporary craft.  Visitors to the exhibition will discover zones, each showcasing a variety of materials by colour, from knitted shawls to gorgeous coats inspired by Shakespearean heroines, and cushions decorated with his detailed needlepoint designs.

Image © Leon Day Images.